Thank You for Choosing Us!

Hello and thank you to everyone who visits our site.  It’s taken years to get to this point, but we’ve finally made it and we’re very excited to share our company with you.  PNW Carpet Repair is so much more to us than just a carpet repair service.

We feel PNW Carpet Repair is our way to give back to all who have done right by us. While also setting an example for ourselves and others daily as well, even when we are closed.  We are purposefully not holding office hours over the weekend because life needs to happen.  Why else would you get your carpet repaired if not to enjoy it?

Of course, if you need a weekend appointment, we are going to do our best to accommodate.  And we will probably develop some way for our customers to reach us in case of emergency…..believe it or not, carpet repair emergencies do occur every once in awhile.  Hopefully, you never experience one though and we will keep our fingers crossed for you that you do not.

Also hopefully, you see we truly care about doing business differently, and for the right reasons.  In today’s world more than ever, it matters where you choose to spend your dollar and we hope you feel good about spending it with us.  Customers want to know they chose a company with integrity and transparency.  A company that cares more about the relationships that are built through every customer interaction, rather than how much they can profit.

All Your Carpet Repair Needs

So whether it’s a patch, stretch, transition, seam work, or any other carpet repair problem you may have, know that at Pacific Northwest Carpet Repair, we’ll take care of your carpet needs while treating you like a person along the way.  And not because it’s a good sales technique, but because it’s the right way to be.