About Us

Early morning sightseers and photographers gather together on the overlook at Pittock Mansion west of Portland, Oregon. The building dubbed "Big Pink" stands tall as the first rays of daylight warm the waking city.

Our Approach and Vision

Simple. Straight forward business, which we feel includes compassion, by default. Business that does not include compassion is a thing of the past….or something that needs to be.

In this day and age, where we know we are part of a bigger community then our own neighborhoods, the big picture needs to be woven into practice.  When it comes to carpet repair, this means very fair prices for quality work. And an easy process to obtain our services, because everything else is already hard enough.


Next Steps…

To book an appointment or get more information, give us a call or text 503-928-5588. Or fill out our contact form, and someone will reach out to you ASAP!

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