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You need carpet stretching if your carpet is wrinkling or rippling. Think about how much sweeter it is to put on a fresh, crisp piece of clothing from your closet, compared to putting on something crushed and wrinkly. It is the same thing when walking into a room of yours. Please call or text today to get your carpets back in order!

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Also like clothing, if you leave your carpet installed improperly for too long, it becomes permanently damaged. Which leaves you with no choice but to trash and replace, or live with broken carpet. Replacing your carpet, instead of stretching it back into place, will cost you ten fold more time and money in the long run. Please reach out if you would like to discuss further, or continue reading for examples and more information below!

Before and After Carpet Stretching

Before and After Carpet Stretching

These before and after pictures speak for themselves. Hopefully, you see how much nicer this room looks, maybe even feels, after we stretched the entire area.

You might be able to guess this room’s wrinkles didn’t develop over night. That’s why you can see slight traces of where the wrinkles once were.

Overall, this shows that you can take some time before scheduling your appointment, to avoid turning your life upside down. And this also shows how you do want to get your stretching completed sooner than later, to avoid permanent damage.

Carpet Stretching

Over time, carpets become loose and often develop raised areas such as ripples, creases, buckles, wrinkles, etc. You may have wondered if there is a solution to this common problem since it isn’t severe enough to warrant replacement. The answer is carpet stretching, a carpet repair service Pacific Northwest Carpet Repair is ready and waiting to perform for you!

What is Carpet Stretching?

A loose carpet has different repair needs than one with damage like tears or burns. While the solution for a visibly unraveling carpet is carpet patching, the solution for a visibly raised carpet is to pull up one or more of its edges, and re-stretch it until it is installed tightly again.

You may be wondering what caused these lumps and bumps in the first place. There are several common sources, including (but not limited to):


  • Improper Installation – Carpet stretching is part of the carpet’s original installation. If done incorrectly or carelessly, the carpet will loosen much sooner than you would typically see.
  • Pushing & Dragging Heavy Objects – Most of us want to rearrange our furniture from time to time. Unfortunately, when heavy objects are pushed or dragged across carpet, a side-effect is that the carpet is moved right along with it. Quick Tip: Try lifting heavy objects instead.
  • Spills and/or Poor Carpet Cleaning – If you have ever spilled liquid on your carpet, you probably marveled at how long it actually takes to dry. When a carpet is damp for a prolonged period of time, it is prone to developing wrinkles.

How Important Is It?

What you may not know is that, if left alone for an extended period of time, your rippled carpet will wear out faster, causing you to have to replace it sooner. It is very important to address these issues sooner rather than later. Another big issue with delaying repair is that the carpet may become set in its ways, so to speak. Meaning, even our expertise may not be able to completely remove older, more severe ripples that could have been eliminated at an earlier date. You may want to take a moment right now to look around and see if you can spot signs of wrinkles. If you see any, go ahead and give us a call or text today!

What to Expect

Once you have made your appointment, the next step will be preparing for the actual job. It is very important that your room is as empty as possible. However, that does not mean you have to empty it completely. As long as we can move the remaining objects enough to stretch what needs to be stretched, or we have enough room to stretch away from immovable objects, we should be good to go.

The Repair Process

There are two primary methods that professionals use for carpet stretching. One is with a power stretcher, and the other is with a knee kicker. Both tools require some preparation before use, but not to worry – our team handles all of that.

The Power Stretcher is our personal favorite simply because it packs more power than the Knee Kicker, which is only effective in spaces smaller than approximately 10′ x 10′ (though the Knee Kicker can be used to position the Power Stretcher as needed). The Power Stretcher will extend from one side of your room to the other. It includes a head with teeth that grip the end we’re tightening, a long pole that extends to the opposite wall, and a lever for performing the actual stretching operation.

The time we will need from start to finish does vary depending on your individual needs. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, and we truly mean it when we say no question is too small. After so many years of experience, we have only become more excited about helping you understand what we do and how we do it!

Let’s Get Started!

Here at Pacific Northwest Carpet Repair, we believe in ensuring every customer feels as comfortable and confident as we do ourselves. Every member of our team shares a common goal: to let our experience and skills serve you. We love this work, and we’re good at it too!

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