PNW Carpet Repair Knowledge Base

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Here’s a few of the questions we get asked. Keep checking back, we update this page frequently.

What Are Your Hours
The office is open 8am – 6pm M-F.
How much does carpet repair generally cost?
It all depends, there’s lots of factors we take into account when it comes to pricing. The best thing we can offer is to give us a call at 503-928-5588, we’ll ask a few questions and do our best to provide you with a ballpark figure.
Tell me more about your Money Back Guarantee.
We back up all our work with our Money Back Guarantee. We’re confident you will love the work we do and your newly repaired carpet, but if for some reason you become unsatisfied with the work that was performed, we’ll provide a refund. We’ll request pictures to add to our files, ask a few questions (for our records) and refund back the credit card you paid with or send out a check to the address listed per amount we discuss and settle on. We do limit the Money Back Guarantee to 30 days from date when payment was made for our protection.
What is a “carpet remnant” and where do I get one?
A remnant is a spare piece of carpet usually left over from an installation that we use for carpet patching. Most homes will have a roll in the attic, garage or some other place they forget about. :slightly_smiling_face: Remnant carpet can also be purchased from big name stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s and usually any local carpet store. If you book an appointment with us for a patch, remember to unroll that remnant and let it acclimate to the house BEFORE our appointment. Still no luck purchasing or don’t have any leftovers from original install? We can always cut it out of the closet or from anywhere you won’t mind a bare spot.
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