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Carpet patching is an incredibly valuable service. Rather than replace a whole room due to a spot of damage, you can patch spot for a fraction of the cost. Please call or text today for details!

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Please contact us if you have any questions on how carpet patching can solve your carpet issues. Or continue along on this page for examples, and more information about the process.

A carpet patch can be 1 inch x 1inch or 10 feet x 10 feet. The key is having enough carpet to perform necessary-sized patch. How much carpet, and what state all carpet is in, determines how we proceed with each unique repair.

Pet Damage – Before and After Carpet Patching

Before and After Carpet Patching

Per above, imagine your door is closed and your pet, who loves you so much, wants in. Instincts take over, so they start digging. These before and after pictures show a classic example of carpet patching providing its best value. We acted fast, put a very small patch in right away, and now this area should remain unscathed, until it’s next digging encounter.

Regardless of how damage is done, once it’s done, it’s there. And it could cause more damage. Plus, damaged areas get worse over time. Unfortunately, in some situations, even in situations as tiny as above, serious consequences could occur. Like tripping, or something snagging edge of carpet where it not installed properly anymore, which would tear your carpet badly. By getting this damaged area patched right away, cost was minimal, very little time was lost, and only a tiny patch was needed.

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Further Information About How We Can Help You with Carpet Patching

Carpeting is a big part of many homes. If you have carpet in your home, you probably prefer it in a nice, livable condition. That’s why it can often be unpleasant when your carpeting is not the way you want it.

If you’re upset with or simply want to be rid of anything unsightly in your carpet, like burns, stains, pulls, tears, gaps, pet damage…don’t give up hope. Give Pacific Northwest Carpet Repair a call instead. Chances are, we can perform some great carpet patching for you. 🙂

Occasional carpet problems are practically inevitable for most households. Life happens.

Children spill because they’re children. Adults drop because they are moving too fast. Pets get excited or anxious for all the reasons we love them (which tend to affect our carpet one way or another), etc.

If you want to approach carpet mishaps like a genius, or maybe we should just say “more wallet friendly”, the answer is to reach out to us. We’ll figure out your situation, and set up a service request.

When we’re on site, we’ll let you know how we think work will turn out, and provide you with firm number for costs. If you decide to go ahead, we’ll get to work.

Hopefully you have some leftover remnants for us to perform patchwork with, but it’s ok if you don’t. We can take carpet needed for patchwork from anywhere you won’t miss it, like under a bed or linen closet. A bare spot is left where we take carpet from.

If you can’t leave bare spot, don’t want to, or have nowhere to donate from, we can usually provide something good enough to work with. We can either perform a swap, by taking some existing carpet from elsewhere to use for patchwork (in order to achieve best matching patch possible), and then installing remnant we bring, back into area we took existing carpet from. Or we can patch a provided remnant directly into areas needing patchwork.

A lot of the times, we can provide something good enough to do swap with, but we can’t always. If we don’t have a remnant good enough to complete your job, you will probably find “a decent enough piece of carpet to use” on clearance, at any retail carpet store.

There really aren’t any tricks to patching carpet, besides being trained by performing thousands of them over the years, and that’s why what you can expect from our patchwork is this: grade A professional patchwork, that is going to hold up. No gaps at seams, no frizzies, no fraying. A good looking patch. Sometimes everyone gets lucky, and patchwork is barely noticeable, but this is not the norm.

Patchwork is usually visible due to color difference. Even though a piece of the exact same carpet is being patched into itself on most occasions, the patches usually show like they are patches. The remnant piece being patched into carpet and existing carpet will always be a different shade of color, unless the piece being patched into floor and floor itself, have seen the exact same wear and tear.

If you’re curious about how your remnant will appear as a patch, put it down on the floor in the area needing patch, and take ten steps back. What you see in shade difference is about what you will see when patchwork is complete. Any more curiosity, please reach out! We’ve been doing this for years, so we can probably make it easier for you, and it’d be our pleasure.