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As much as we regularly perform carpet patching and carpet stretching, there are many other situations where we help out too! Things like Seam Repair, Transition Work, Pad Replacement, Reinstallation, and many others.

Not sure if your exact carpet situation is repairable? Please contact us to find out, as we’re confident we will be able to think through all the angles with you!

Before and After Transition Repair

Before and After Transition Repair

Before and After Closet Replacement

Before and After Closet Replacement

General Information about Carpet Repair

We could probably write forever if we tried to mention all of the carpet repair situations we have helped people out with over the years. There are some basic requests that tend to come up again and again though, besides patching and stretching.

Attending to problem seams and finishing off transitions are two of the most frequent. When it comes to carpet seams, we usually need to take a look in person in order to determine how we can help. And when it comes to carpet transitions, your preferences usually determine how we help you out.

We have also replaced a lot of carpet padding in our days. Sometimes you have a flood and your carpet pad is unsalvageable. Sometimes a pet gets old and has some accidents, then it’s time for some cleaning up. In the latter case, we usually treat your subfloor with something like KILLZ, and recommend a carpet clean after reinstallation.

Speaking of reinstallation, after we replace pad, you get a nice, thorough restretch upon putting your carpet back in place properly. And we can reinstall your carpet for whatever the reason. Sometimes you need to do some subfloor work, sometimes you need to run a cable under your carpet. We do not mind making two trips to your home to help with the initial deinstallation process too.

Replacing your living room carpet with hardwood, but know your living room carpet is in much better shape than one of your bedroom’s carpeting? We would love to recycle your carpet for you, by taking it out of your living room and then installing it in that bedroom. Maybe you’re doing some remodeling and plan on moving some walls around? Even if you do not have a need for an outside-of-the-box carpet solution at the moment, save some of your carpet that you are removing….or we can do it for you if you have us do your carpet demolition….for future repair use.


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