One thing we know is things happen to carpet. Another thing we know is we can fix carpet. We also know that many folks are totally unaware to fix their carpet rather than replace, so here we go!

Carpet Can Be Fixed

Until we got in the carpet repair business about a decade ago, we also were unaware that carpet could be fixed. Unfortunately, this still seems to be the case for a lot of people. Fortunately, we are up for the task of sharing the good news.

So again, carpet can be fixed. Most any carpet issue that needs improvement can be dealt with in some sort of carpet repair manner. Best thing to keep in mind is you can always call us to find out if your specific carpet issue is something we can help solve for you. 

The Usual Ways to Fix Carpet

We usually fix carpet by performing carpet patching and / or carpet stretching. When we work on making sure your carpet-to-laminate transition no longer has a gap between your carpet and laminate transition piece, we stretch your carpet towards transition area. And sometimes add a carpet patch if stretching does not lengthen carpet enough to fill in gap.

We perform carpet stretching when carpet needs to be put back into place properly, unless your carpet is glued down. Sometimes gaps form at transitions, like mentioned above, and sometimes carpet is uninstalled so other work can be performed. Sometimes carpet gets loose and sometimes it gets pushed or pulled out of place. If your carpet is glued down, we can still fix it, we just can’t stretch it. If not glued down and out of place, stretching to the rescue!

We perform carpet patching when an area of carpet needs to be filled in or replaced. Again, if we perform stretching and can’t stretch carpet enough to get carpet back into place, we will install a patch where carpet is still missing. Any sort of damage to carpet can be cut out and repaired by replacing damaged area with undamaged carpet remnant via patchwork.