3 Easy Steps to Carpet Patching

Planning ahead saves both time and money when it comes to carpet repair.  Prepping beforehand makes the process much easier.  Here are 3 simple ways to help your carpet patching appointment go as smooth as possible!

Have your remnant ready

Whether purchasing a remnant, getting lucky with sample piece, or using leftovers from original installation, have that remnant ready! If those leftovers are in your garage, bring them inside as soon as possible. Be sure it’s unrolled and flattened out.  Acclimating your remnant carpet to the patching area is going to be far more pliable and easier to work with.

Clear the area

Clearing more than the exact patch work area is something worth spending a few minutes on.  Moving things such as small furniture and valuables from the area ensures there are no accidents.  Clearing the surrounding area of anything that is in the way will help us get in and out of your home as quickly as possible 🙂

Section off pets and small children

We love kids and pets, but don’t normally take them to work for a reason. Distractions cause errors and accidents and not something we’d like to think about!  Everything is kept safe, and a zone where there’s no need to worry about a surprise tap on the shoulder or face lick, is greatly appreciated and the best way to go.


If carpet patching is something you think might bring your carpet back to life, give us a call!