Carpet stretching, or re-stretching as many refer to it, is one of those things that is a true life-saver.

Your carpet’s life that is. Possibly a human sometimes when we perform carpet stretching as a means of diminishing trip hazards, but typically your carpets. 

Even if your carpet is just a little loose, it’s best to stretch your carpet and get it tight again in order to prevent any damage from occurring. If you already have wrinkles, ripples or waves, etc….it’s time to give us a call or text at (503) 928-5588.

A lot of places do not offer carpet stretching, maybe because they would prefer you replace your carpet, but not us.

And this brings up the good point of why we do not sell carpet at all in general. We are interested in saving you money by making your carpet last while making it look great again, not convincing you to replace your carpet.

Which also brings up the good point that your carpet is going to look really good again if you remove looseness from it. Besides greatly prolonging your carpet’s life, a smooth, tight carpet in your home just feels nice on the feet…and your eyes.

Unfortunately, a lot of installers or carpet shops nowadays perform less-than-ideal original installation work, which leads to your carpet becoming loose a lot sooner than one would normally expect. And every once in a while, carpeting is defective, so your carpet’s looseness might not be a result of improper installation.

If you are curious about what a proper installation is…

…check out The Carpet and Rug Institute’s installation technical bulletin on carpet wrinkles, which you can find here.

If your carpet is loose and you feel you did not receive a proper installation or your carpet is less than a year old, call your installation company. Most companies offer a one-year guarantee at least. If that is not an option, again, reach out to us, particularly since we offer our Money Back Guarantee.

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