Why Carpet Repair?

The answer is easy. Carpet repair saves money.

Repairing Carpet is Much Cheaper Than Replacing Carpet.

Repairs can eliminate the need to replace carpet in countless situations. And even if carpet replacement is inevitable, carpet repair can help save money by eliminating hazardous situations very quickly. Enabling a non-rushed environment for the replacement to occur, which again saves money because one can shop around more, etc.

Carpet Repair Makes Your Carpet Last Longer.

Not only will repair services help avoid replacement right away, they also make your carpet last longer. Repairs like carpet patching and carpet stretching will always turn out better and cost less when performed right when the need arises.  Bonus benefit of performing repairs right away is avoiding further damage, which add years to the life of your carpet.

Of course, if you need to replace your carpet, then repair is only going to help you temporarily, or not at all. We can only guarantee repair work for so long when a carpet actually needs to be replaced. If your carpet has seen the last of its days, there are many great places to pick up some new carpet in the area, like Flooring America of Oregon, Marion’s Carpet Warehouse, or The Floor Store to name a few.

Give us a call if you’re not sure about replacement or carpet repair because since we have been doing this for years, we can walk you through a few specific questions very quick to help you determine your next move.

A worker removing old tack strip.

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